BULGARIAN BOUTIQUE ROSE | Козметична компания Роза импекс


Rose oil is not only beauty and charm, but also health, beauty and regeneration for the skin.

ROSA DAMASCENA essential oil has been proven to contain over 250 components. This is the aromatic gold of Bulgaria, which with the power of its unique qualities, incredibly rich and intoxicating aroma has a rejuvenating and beneficial effect on the skin. In our products we have put special BULGARIAN ROSE OIL with a PROTECTED GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION - "Bulgarsko rozovo maslo".

In the BULGARIAN BOUTIQUE ROSE cosmetic series, we have combined the precious rose oil with coenzyme Q 10, which restores energy deficiencies in cells. Almond, castor and palm oil are used as a nourishing cocktail.

To reduce pigment spots and lighten the skin, we have used ACHROMAXYL ™ - a biofunctional ingredient of vegetable origin, from the Brassicacea family, extracted from rape blossom.