COLOR TIME | Козметична компания Роза импекс


The new professional gel formula provides incredible color resistance.  

This formula provides the opportunity for colour pigments, combined with royal jelly, to penetrate deep in the core of the hair and thus to guarantee: A UNIQUE COLOUR AND LIVELY HAIR. For additional luxury the formula contains special silicone conditioner for SHINIER AND SOFTER HAIR

The palette of COLOR TIME includes 26 stylish and natural shades

- Degree of Resistance 3 – provides sustainable coloring until new hair growth.
- Complete coverage of grey hair in 30 minutes 

The package contains:
1 tube of coloring gel  40 ml  
1 vial of developer  60 ml 
1 pair of protective gloves
1 instructions for use

Super blond
Intensive lightener
Directions for use
3.24 MB